6 Reasons Why Small Businesses Must Use Digital Media

As a small business owner, you might be looking to get new customers and make sure you don’t lose your existing customers. 

In a day and age when social distancing has become the norm and people are avoiding the outdoors, digital media can help you achieve your business goals.

1. Getting discovered

Most people are tech savvy and like to search products or services online first. So, if you have a Google and Facebook account, and perhaps a basic website, you have a higher chance of being found than your competitors who don’t have these accounts.

2. Showcase your offering

With Google, Facebook and Instagram, you can create a picture and video gallery of your products. You can also encourage customers to leave positive reviews and build credibility. This allows online visitors to understand what you offer and how good the service is.

3. Online ordering

You can accept orders over Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp by simply displaying your phone number and WhatsApp link. Alternatively, if you set up a Facebook or Instagram shop, you can create a much better experience for your customers. This is helpful given that people want to do a lot more things online now than before.

4. Reach

Google and Facebook are some of the most widely used online portals. People from all socio-economic backgrounds and geographies are active on these platforms. So, no matter what product or service you sell and who your target customer is, you will most probably find them online.

5. Running local ads

Because of the popularity of Google and Facebook, you can run small-budget local ads within a few kilometres of your business. This helps with getting your local customers’ attention. And with digital media, local ads are extremely affordable, even for a small business. 

6. Low-cost communication

You can hand your WhatsApp or Facebook information to your customers and send and receive messages. This could either be receiving orders or communicating opening hours, product availability or delivery update. 

So, don’t just wait for your customers to find you. Become proactive and embrace digital media and marketing to get more sales and beat the competition. 

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