5 Best Online Ad Campaign Types for Fitness Studio

Fitness clubs are local businesses, meaning that they have to work in a very competitive local market for clients. Just as there is a proper way to build health, a fitness studio can also create brand awareness with the right marketing knowledge. And, what’s better than to equip yourself with an arsenal of online advertising.

“More than 12 lakhs monthly searches happen on the keyword ‘Fitness’’’

For most fitness centers, the majority of their members come in from their gym’s locality or pin code. Online advertising gives you the greatest advantage over traditional advertising by being able to run targeted hyperlocal ad campaigns. So, your fitness club can reach out to people staying nearby your business location, interested in fitness activities.

What needs to be done is to reach the right audience at the right time, using the right ways. With a huge fitness community available online, advertising the gym through a targeted ad campaign is one of the best choices to increase enrolments to the fitness club.

This blog will discuss the best types of ad campaigns that a fitness center should run on Facebook, Instagram and Google, to see the best results.

5 types of ad campaigns for fitness centers:

1. Lead Generation

A lead generation ad campaign lets you generate leads of people interested in going to a fitness center. People can apply and sign up for more information about your fitness center.

With a lead generation ad campaign on Facebook and Instagram:

  • Promote offers to get more sign-ups
  • Fill up the last available spots of a fitness program and create a sense of urgency
  • Promote a referral program

2. Promotion

A promotional ad campaign lets you advertise your fitness centre on Facebook and Instagram, to a targeted audience staying nearby your business location or Pincode.

With a promotional ad campaign:

  • Create awareness about the fitness activities you offer
  • Connect with an audience interested in your fitness activities 
  • Run hyperlocal ads targeted via pin code or geolocation

3. Website Traffic

A website traffic campaign helps you drive potential members to your fitness website. So people get a chance to explore the range of fitness equipment and facilities you offer.

With a website traffic campaign:

  • Direct users to the website for a quick sign-up
  • Provide information about the studio’s location, hours, facilities, etc.
  • Share visibility of your coaching center using Google maps
  • Collect valuable leads by signing up people for your fitness content

4. Video Promotion

A video promotional ad campaign helps display your fitness studio on Facebook and Instagram, in a more appealing manner.

With a video promotion ad campaign:

  • Give a walkthrough of your fitness studio
  • Delight the audience with a fitness tips video
  • Share a customer testimonial video

5. Google Search Ad Campaign

By starting a Google Search ad campaign, your ad can appear with Google Search results when someone searches with terms relevant to your business, product or service. For example, if people search for phrases like “gyms near me”, “fitness clubs near me”, or “gyms in [city name]”, your fitness studio name can appear in the Google search results.

“72% of the time when users search for a business online they will visit that business within 24 hours.”

With a Google Search ad campaign:

  • Let people find you easily enough through local search
  • Get more fitness center visits
  • Help customers learn more about your business
  • Run hyperlocal ads targeted via pin code or geolocation

Besides these above campaign types, you can try other campaigns as well such as Page Like campaign (to increase Facebook follower base) and Engagement campaign, as per your business’s needs. With consistent advertising on Facebook, Instagram and Google, you are bound to create brand exposure and attract new members to your fitness studio.


In this competitive fitness industry, fitness studios should consume the power of digital advertising. And, if you want to start the above mentioned online ad campaigns through a single platform, you can try an intelligent advertising platform in MediaQart. Book a free demo and expert digital advertising consultation for your fitness studio today.

It will pay off in the end!