4 Inspiring Festival Advertising Tips for Businesses

The countdown to the festive period begins now. Is your business geared up to make the maximum out of it? If not, don’t worry, we will guide you with some of the best advertising tips to excel this festive season. Here they are:

Be creative with social media advertising

Underestimating the power of social media wouldn’t be a good choice for any business. If you want to advertise online, wouldn’t you be interested to show your ad only to people who can become your customer instead of advertising to everyone? Social media advertising gives you the advantage to reach out to customers who are interested in your products or services. I assume after reading this you would want to explore social media advertising and might end up advertising, then why not do it creatively? Try these 2 ways:

Run contests:

In today’s society, we all love contests. If we are getting something in return, then the contest becomes a fun game. So, advertise a post by running a contest on Facebook and Instagram. The question can be of school-level but make sure it gets your audience to participate and engage with your brand/Ad. Remember this is an affordable way to make your customers know more about your business.

Testimonial Videos:

If you want to build trust among your customers, try advertising through testimonial videos on Facebook and Instagram. Create a small video or even an image with one of your loyal customers talking about your brand or business. This will increase your brand value and help bring more customers to your business.

Try online community markets

Community advertising is an essential part of digital advertising. The offline communities of previous years such as fleas, exhibitions have all come online today. You can join groups related to your business on Facebook, Instagram and Google search and exhibit your products to the right buyers.

A couple of community examples on Facebook:
  • The social pop shop – Lifestyle
  • Social Crafts – Craft/ Art

Offer gifts and discounts

Customers love discounted items and rewards on shopping. Offer them a gift with a purchase made. Businesses doing this have witnessed a hike in sales. You can give discounts by doing cross-selling and up-selling items. Advertise your offers and deals online to reach the maximum people in your locality or even throughout the city. These strategies can make your products run out of stock. Try it!

Find an affordable advertising solution

Businesses need a digital advertising platform that makes it easy to advertise on multiple social media platforms, at flexible budgets, without even having any knowledge of digital advertising. With so many online platforms available these days, you need to select the one that offers you the most complete solution for your digital advertising needs.

So, these are some of the best advertising ideas for your business to grow this festive period. We, at MediaQart, love to help businesses boom by providing an easy-to-use online advertising platform.

MediaQart is an intelligent platform that lets you advertise your business on Facebook, Instagram, and Google, in just a few clicks, at your convenient budget. The best thing is you can create, run and manage all your ad campaigns from a single dashboard. Just follow the simple steps and your ad will be ready to reach lakhs of people interested in the type of products and services you offer.

With that, we conclude this article and hope that these strategies would come to help with your business. Here’s wishing your business the very best this festive season.

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