4 Best Online Ad Campaign Types for Fashion Store

Fashion store owners are always on their toes to get business. And, why not? The prize is big! India’s youth love to get groomed. Let alone offline stores, the whopping amount of business e-commerce players like Amazon and Flipkart do from their fashion category is the proof of the existence of a large fashion apparel market in the country.

With numerous fashion brands and stores out in the market, the competition is high among the fashion retail store owners. At a time when everyone is selling more or less the same range of brands, the biggest challenge is to make yourself stand out from the rest. This is where online advertising does the difference. If you sell fashion apparel online or in a brick-and-mortar store, you can make the most of your marketing strategy through online advertising. And, knowing the right advertising campaign types is equally important for your overall marketing strategy.

This blog will shed light on the best types of ad campaigns that a fashion apparel store should run on Facebook, Instagram and Google, to see the best results. Here they are:

4 types of ad campaigns for fashion stores:

1. Engagement campaign

Through an engagement campaign, get potential customers to see and engage with your page posts on Facebook. The best part is that the more people engage with your post ad, the greater the influence for others to follow the post. So, an engagement ad can equate to more shares and more brand exposure.

With an engagement campaign:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Boost social media engagement and reach
  • Build trust with your customers

2. Website Traffic

A website traffic campaign helps you drive potential members to your fashion store website. So people get a chance to explore the range of brands and clothing you offer.

With a website traffic campaign:

  • Direct users to the website to make sales
  • Provide information about the studio’s location, hours, facilities, etc.
  • Share visibility of your fashion store using Google maps
  • Collect valuable leads by signing up people for your fashion content

3. Promotional

A promotional ad campaign lets you advertise your fashion store on Facebook and Instagram, to a targeted audience who are most likely to buy fashion apparels. You can also promote your business to people staying nearby your business location or Pincode.

With a promotional ad campaign:

  • Create awareness about the range of clothing you offer
  • Connect with an audience interested in fashion-related products
  • Run hyperlocal ads targeted via pin code or geolocation

4. Page like Campaign

A page like campaign will help your fashion retail business build a sustainable follower base on social media platforms. By liking your page, people can establish a connection with your fashion store’s Facebook page in a way that other people can see.

With a page like campaign:

  • Build a strong online community
  • Direct traffic to your website
  • Get followers who engage with your brand

Besides the above campaign types, you can try other campaigns as well such as Google Search Ad and video promotion, among others, as per your business’s needs. With consistent advertising on Facebook, Instagram and Google, you are bound to create brand exposure and attract more potential customers to your store (both offline and online).


In this competitive fashion industry where e-commerce players are vying for more market share, all the brick and mortar and online fashion stores should embrace the power of digital advertising. And, if you want to start the above mentioned online ad campaigns through a single platform, you can try an intelligent advertising platform in MediaQart . Book a free demo and expert digital advertising consultation for your fashion store today.