3 Best Online Ad Campaign Types for Coaching Institutes

The time is ripe for coaching institutes to leverage social media to promote their brand on Facebook, Instagram and Google. At a time when there are more than half a billion internet users in India, advertising online has become an essential part of any marketing strategy.

These days, social media has become an ideal platform for students to connect and engage in educational content. Coaching classes don’t have to go too far to reach their target students when they can meet them on the right platforms (Facebook, Instagram and Google).

What needs to be done is to reach the right targets at the right time, using the right ways. With a huge student base available online, advertising coaching classes through a targeted ad campaign is one of the best choices.

This blog will discuss the best types of ad campaigns that a coaching institute should run on Facebook, Instagram and Google, to see optimum results.

3 types of ad campaigns for Coaching Centers:

1. Promotion

A promotional ad campaign lets you advertise your coaching institute on Facebook and Instagram, to students who are most likely interested in your courses. You can even reach out to people staying in your locality or Pincode.

With a promotional ad campaign:

  • Create awareness about the courses you offer
  • Connect with an audience interested in your courses
  • Run hyperlocal ads targeted via pin code or geolocation

2. Lead Generation

A lead generation ad campaign encourages students and their parents to apply and sign up for more information about your coaching classes.

With a lead generation ad campaign:

  • Announce scholarship programs
  • Fill up the last available spots of an educational program and create a sense of urgency
  • Introduce a new course

3. Website Traffic

With a website traffic ad campaign, drive people to your coaching institute’s website and give them a chance to explore the courses you teach. You get a great opportunity to showcase people the success stories of students and collect valuable leads.

With a website traffic campaign:

  • Announce scholarship programs
  • Commence new batches
  • Fill up the last available spots of an educational program and create a sense of urgency
  • Share visibility of your coaching center using Google maps

Besides these three campaign types, you can try other campaigns as well such as Google Search Ad and Video promotion, among others, as per your business’s needs. With consistent advertising on Facebook, Instagram and Google, you are bound to create brand exposure and attract students to your institute.


In this competitive educational industry, coaching institutions should embrace the power of digital advertising. And, if you want to run the above mentioned online ad campaigns through a single platform, you can try an intelligent online advertising platform in MediaQart . Book a free demo and expert consultation for your coaching institute today!