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11 Ways to Real Estate Digital Marketing in 2022

This blog will inform you about the key aspects of real estate digital marketing that drive conversions. As each of these topics has more to learn from, we plan to cover them in detail in separate blogs. So, let’s touch base on each of the topics:


1. Reach the Right Audience by Creating Buyer Personas

Personas define who your ideal customers are. Personas are defined by interests, traits, buying behavior, background, occupation, values and pain points.

Here is an example:

Suppose you are into real estate, one of your buyer personas can be people, who are looking to buy a property. The other persona can be investors or people, who want to invest in a second home. Based on the needs of your personas, you can create your entire digital marketing strategy. Do interviews, polls and talk to your friends and colleagues to know what problems your real estate services can solve for the personas.

2. Empower Clients by Sending Them Emails

Send drip emails to increase conversions. Email drip campaigns let you engage with your prospects and customers better. It produces a 119% increase in click-through rates compared to normal campaigns.

Example email sequences can include:

  • For leads: the welcome email, educational email series, contests, new listings newsletter, client testimonials, greetings and more.
  • For existing clients: testimonial request, referral request, content invitation, local events, new listings newsletter, new project news, greetings, and more.

3. Give Property Info on a User-friendly Real Estate Website

They say that a business is as good as its website. It is fundamentally important to have a user-friendly and professional website. It should be responsive, and mobile-friendly with a good loading time. Great websites are lead generation machines. If you are directing people from ads to your website, make sure they find your landing page information consistent with the details in the ad.

Keep your website updated with the pricing, floor plan and certifications. Include high-resolution images and videos of your properties, amenities, services related to loan financing, and more.

4. Generate Real Estate Leads through Google Ads

Google Ads, and especially Search Ads can work as part of your long term real estate lead generation strategy. It can take some time to see results but investing in Google Ads is worth doing. Give adequate time to each stage of your funnel to understand its effectiveness. Along the way, improve your click-through rate (CTR) and cost per lead (CPL).

Learn more about running effective Google Ads campaigns.

5. Increase Real Estate Conversions with Facebook Ads

Facebook & Instagram ads can provide one of the best ROIs with hyperlocal advertising. The platforms offer great scope in visually advertising property amenities, designs, and features. According to Facebook, 80% of U.S real estate agents use Facebook to market.

At Mediaqart, after running close to 400 campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, we discovered that the latter is slightly more economical for our real estate clients. However, Facebook provided better quality leads. Both are clear industry leaders, with most real estate clients opting for one if not both of these platforms.

Learn more about generating high quality real estate leads from Facebook ads.

6. Use the Power of Networking on LinkedIn

LinkedIn primarily offers a great avenue to have business conversations. You can network with your industry peers and gain exposure to businesses in your city and locality. Further, you can tie up with financial institutions that can refer you to people looking out for properties. LinkedIn’s private messaging features let you share your project news, whitepapers and educational resources with potential clients professionally.

Likewise, craft a social media strategy for other leading platforms like Facebook & Instagram to share your brand story and connect with your audience.

7. Create Helpful Articles for Real Estate Customers

Blogging is a great way to showcase your expertise in solving customer problems. Create content that is customer focused. For instance, helping people looking for a property change with the real estate market knowledge. Genuine and consistent efforts to help potential clients create trust and then conversions.

8. Enhance Your Real Estate Visibility with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Most people start their search on a search engine like Google. Some of the key benefits of real estate search engine optimization include:

  • Better ranking of your website and improved search discoverability
  • More organic traffic from your customer segment
  • Increase in the number of relevant leads and conversions

Types of SEO include:

  • On-page SEO (your website’s meta tags, content, keywords, images)
  • Local SEO (project office location and direction, business hours)
  • Off-page SEO (social media, PR, guest blogging, link building)
  • Technical SEO (site indexation, structured markup, site speed, site architecture, UX, accessibility, crawl budget)

9. Offer Property Tours through Video Marketing and Virtual Reality

According to Quicksprout, property listings with videos get 403% more inquiries than those without video. Videos provide you with the opportunity to showcase the interiors of the home in a detailed and artistic manner.

Offer Virtual tours of the property. People are short on time and cannot visit every property. Take this opportunity to give them an immersive experience with virtual property tours and 3D videos. Let them feel and like your homes.

10. Improve Lead Response Time with WhatsApp for Businesses

Timely response to real estate leads can close your deals. WhatsApp for Businesses makes it easier for leads to chat with you. Further, it has a feature that helps you organize your chats by segmenting them into local markets, property types, agents & clients. So you can share attractive listings as per the chat segment.

11. Stay on the Good Side with Online Reputation Management

Online reputation could have a direct impact on your business. People tend to focus more on the negative reviews, which can influence their purchasing decision. If there is a negative review, take steps to resolve the problem and try to re-establish a positive customer experience.


These 11 digital marketing tips for real estate agents can help you better your customer engagement and make your name stand out in the real estate market. With a little time and effort, you should start seeing positive impacts. Share with us your experience in doing real estate digital marketing.

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