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Maximize Ad Impressions with Performance Based Advertising



Maximize Ad Engagement with Performance Based Advertising



Maximize Video Views with Performance Based Advertising


Video Views

Get More Traffic with Performance Based Advertising


Website Clicks

Maximize Ad Campaign Reach with Performance Based Advertising

App Installs

Generate Qualified Leads with Performance Based Advertising


Start an optimised digital campaign in minutes

Are you finding it difficult to advertise your business online?

Now, create and run targeted ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google and Gmail in just a few clicks, all by yourself.

How Mediaqart Works?

How To Use Location Targeting For Ad Campaigns With Mediaqart

How To Optimise Ad Campaigns Using Pre-Estimated Results

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Drive Relevant Website Traffic with Performance Based Advertising

Website Traffic

The goal here is to send users to the specific page of your choice, with the intent to take an action.

Engage Online Audiences with Performance Based Advertising


These campaigns work well to create visible, powerful social proof of your business.

Get More Facebook Likes with Performance Based Advertising

Page Likes

This objective focuses on driving on-platform engagement in some way.

Create Brand Awareness with Performance Based Advertising


Promote your launch offers, festive greetings, showcase your service and products, etc.

Promote Video Content with Performance Based Advertising

Video Promotion

Promote your ad to be seen by as many people in your target audience and create engagement.

Increase Lead Conversion with Performance Based Advertising

Lead Generation

Capture information of potential customers through forms, auto-fills, downloadable pdfs, event creation, etc.

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Mediaqart's Client - StarAndDaisy
Mediaqart's Client - MIER
Mediaqart's Client - Puravankara
Mediaqart's Client - BMarkets
Mediaqart's Client - Knox
Mediaqart's Client - NRDL
Mediaqart's Client - Shiprocket
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Mediaqart's Client - Centuary

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Unified Platform

Unified Dashboard

Run and manage multiple campaigns and accounts from one place

Actionable Analytics

Actionable Analytics

Get detailed insights into your campaign’s performance

One-click Audience

One-click Audience

Improve responses to ads by targeting the right audiences

Built-in Creative Tool

Built-in Creative Tool

Create high performing ads with our ready-to-use templates

Result Prediction

Result Prediction

Manage budget and outcomes with pre-estimated results

Managed Services

Performance Advertising

Customizable plans for end-to-end campaign management

Your Success is our Success

   I chose a DIY advertising solution for my business and it helped my business grow eventually. I run all my campaigns through Mediaqart only.  

Dilip Narayan

Dr. Dilip Narayan

Neighbourhood Stores > Opticians

   I’ve never tried advertising my business online. Then I saw Mediaqart advertising solutions and was impressed. I schedule all my campaign through its scheduler and run lead gen campaigns with its unique ad solutions.  

Sujata Nayak

Sujata Nayak

Nayak constructions
Real Estate and Constructions

   It's very easy to set up digital campaigns from Mediaqart. I liked the features of the platform as I don't have to search the audience and other details.   

Imran Ansar

Imran Ansar

Dream Realtors
Real Estate and Constructions

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